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Castell del Papiol

A jewel just 10 min. away from Barcelona



The oldest documents mention that on 1115 ,  Ramon Berenguer III, Count of Barcelona, signed with Arnau, Bernard and Raimond de Pere the transfer of the village of Papiol. 
1206: The King Peter I gave in feud to Raimond de Papiol all the census and use the King had.
1212: One Galceran of Papiol accompained King Peter the Catholic to the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa.
1315: Another Galceran of Papiol built the Chapel and the Hospital of the village.
1395: King Juan l sold the Castle to Berenguer de Cortillas for 6.000 pounds.
Owners succeed, going trough different surnames: Despapiol, Marimón, Guimerá  (Señor de Llorach), and Desbosch among others. Late XVI th century, successions were not through "blood line", but for selling the Castle until 1771, year in which Grau Cebria adquired it. Since then, family transmission has been done: Cebria-Llozer-Almirall-Mora

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Facts, Rights, Privileges and Legends

On May 25th 1448, a strong earthquake, that had his epicenter between Cardedeu and Llinars dels Vallés, collapsed huge part of the Castle.

The Barons of Papiol had the right and owned the boats that crossed the river Llobregat, they appointed the Majors, and exercise Justice, including capital punishment.

 James I, thanking the support received during the conquest of Valencia, granted lands and rights to Papiol's people in that city.

Peter IV, granted privileges in trading and distribution of fruits and products 150 miles around.

The Catholic Kings, in 1497, gave the certificate of "Loyalty" to the villages that contributed in conquering Malaga and Granada.

The legend of the Troubadour is well known in Papiol: Being the Baron away during the war, his wife invited a lady in order not to feel alone. This Lady was being wooed by the troubadour when the Baron came back, he thought his wife was unfaithful, killing him with his sword. Since then, troubadour's soul wonders in the Castle.

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The architecture of the Castle of Papiol is a journey trough time. Its origins go back till X th Century.
Pre-romanic ages, and built to defend the Low Llobregat area against the saracen's attacks. Is the only "rocky" Castle -built on top of a calcareus rock  of the Tertiary Age - that has survived until today in this area.
Rebuilt after 1448 earthquake,  the ground floor kept important parts of the romanic age, and partially two towers: One of them is shaped circular, dated before 1115, and the other one square, built during the XIII th century.
Further restoraions gave new shape to the Castle, with high facade, and windows on the upper floors.

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Carrer de Mossèn Rull, 3 08754 El Papiol, Barcelona, Spain

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